Christianity Encountering World Religions: The Practice of Mission in the Twenty-first Century

Christianity Encountering World Religions: The Practice of Mission in the Twenty-First Century
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Part Two argues that these con- debate, most often in the terms of analytic philosophy. However, aspects of his approach are prob- example , but all of the articles are conducted in the lan- lematic. Swinburne argues that, necessarily, a perfectly guage of analytic philosophy, and the uninitiated may have loving being manifests perfect love toward another perfectly trouble accurately perceiving the relationships among the loving being.

Consequently, the Father exists if and only if essays. While of potential interest to any intelligent Chris- the Son exists. Since perfect love requires perfectly coopera- tians, the most likely audience is other Christian philoso- tive activity, and because such activity must be shared with phers, though anyone willing to seriously engage these a third equal, the Holy Spirit, too, necessarily exists. These are deep waters. Can we successfully tread them a priori? Edited by Donald Rutherford. Surely, Was Jesus God? Purdue University The articles trace major themes of the period not only through the moderns, but also through their philosophical predecessors, both ancient and medieval.

Also included are Theology brief biographies and an extensive bibliography. By Thabiti M. Though the tradition from Pentecostals to contemporary Black theology. Section one, the most group of churches has never been monolithically Reformed, interesting by far, offers a rare autobiographical sketch of at least not in the last plus years. Also methodologically de-conversion. And material, his assessments of various black church traditions a handbook this is. Very little is original. Very little is devel- past and present, and his theological attempts to correlate oped in much detail.

But very little of the standard atheistic Reformed orthodoxy with African-American hermeneutical line is left out. The arguments of section two, in particular, intuitions. As a decline. One only wishes Amos Yong that more of it were given over to this project. By John Biola University Atherton. London: SCM Press, Edited by Craig change, while also persuading anti-secularists of the value of A.

Aldershot, UK: Ashgate, The narratives and practices of both economics and Nazarene, etc. Blanchard ogy of love. By Dan Barker. Berkeley, CA: Ulysses Press, Amos Yong Pp.

The Practice of Mission in the Twenty-first Century

He formerly served as dean of the E. Encountering: Learning from a New Culture and Religion They want readers to know why they're important and why they matter. Fellowship: Belonging Precedes Believing 6. Our Hindu guide Rishi had questions about Christianity. Too often this is not the case in our lives as we Courses on mission, world religions, and social ethics provide opportunities for interreligious dialogue in the classroom while preparing students to encounter those of other religions in their daily life.

It is divided into four sections. By Carl E. The second and third sections detail his reasons for rejecting Braaten. Eerdmans Publishing theism and Christianity, respectively. The fourth section Company, Yet the book omits victim- focus. Two essays evaluation of the major twentieth-century movements stand out for this reviewer as particularly interesting and within Christianity that overlooks Liberation Theology and suggestive. Witte, Jr. Michael D. Royster The authors recover much contemporary wisdom from a Houston Graduate School of Theology seemingly unlikely source.

The second is B.

“Giftive Mission” and Interfaith Dialogue

By Tom Breen. This book is satirical. Every page has numerous attempts David H. Jensen at humor, many of which are actually funny. But there are also Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary other attempts at humor that seem pointless and, at times, mildly offensive. By David Brown. Oxford: Oxford University experts, buzzkills, boring, and irrelevant. The chief with the body. He real- tianity has always had a relationship with popular culture. This is not a particularly that God in his totality cannot be experienced does not entail new insight see, e.

I would recommend this should be seen as sacramental. Highly recommended for those interested in theology and inspiration as human religious imagination. As a correc- and the body. By Don S. Brown- hermeneutics. Signs of the Times, 1. Pietermaritzburg, South practical inquiry, but as a middle step that is continually Africa: Cluster Publications, The essays demonstrate a consistent concern with tianity and climate change is not surprising. This discussion families and societies in these changing times. The book will argues that consumerism and climate change are spiritual serve both as a textbook for practical theology and as a and religious problems, not simply economic or ecological resource for courses and research on theology and families.

Jensen conceptions useful for addressing climate change; in par- Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary ticular, the idea of confessing guilt is explored. By Fernando L. Lanham, MD: University it holds insights for specialists as well. Second, Conradie Press of America, The nature of revelation, inspiration, and their inter- Through the richness of this background he makes an connection has long intrigued theologians.

By Perry C. He glosses over Cotham. He offers brief but fair synopses of world religions would have been stronger had Crisp grappled with historical such as Islam, Buddhism, and Judaism, as well as current information rather than avoiding it through a straw man articulations of pantheism and reincarnation. For the likes attack on historical-critical scholarship instead. By and sacred texts introduces general similarities and differ- Lisa E.

Minneapolis, MN: Augsburg, Cotham does not shy away from blindspots that reinforce This is a good book for beginners to Julian of Norwich.

In , while close to expression as in the Crusades under the banner of Christian- death, Julian received sixteen visions also called showings. While reading Julian can be overwhelm- with sensitivity and humility. This work would serve as a ing, this book has small passages that can be rewarding. By Oliver D.

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Current Issues in phor of journey is appropriate for this book that gives Theology. New York: Cambridge University Press, By John A. Oxford: Crisp makes an admirable attempt to defend classical theol- Oxford University Press, Dennison plans to include these in the tunate personal and professional consequences. Abshire achieved this goal despite persistent efforts. Eugene, OR: credited as providing his writings durability not accorded Pickwick Books, This claim raises a question regarding the relative Brock University devoted to a discussion of James K.

What is interesting and valuable about acceptance—whatever the cost—could be questioned. The ought to read this book. New York: Peter Lang, He shows that philosophical theologian will unfold next. Burlington, movements of this time. With over sixty pages of notes and VT: Ashgate, However, logical topic—eschatology—in light of the works of Husserl, the book will please any reader who is interested in Bult- Heidegger, Levinas, M. Henry, and others.

It turns out, quite a bit. This book Forte hopes to reclaim beauty from its marginalization begins with two of its strongest essays, both of which look at relative to philosophical priorities of sublimity and diversity how we understand the future in the present: Lacoste offers by highlighting its central role throughout the development a phenomenology of anticipation, C. Romano explores a phe- of Christian theology.

Later sections of the book explore theological aesthetics of Augustine, Aquinas, Kierkegaard, how phenomenology contributes to eschatology, as well as Dostoevsky, Balthasar, and Evdokimov. Some of these essays might be forms as coming from and returning to God by means of applicable to non-Christian religious thought, but most are attraction, Aquinas interjects the tragedy of the cross, which oriented toward Christian theology. Further, while Augustine and Aquinas essays seem out of place, overall this collection is a thought- view the path of beauty as leading inexorably to the One, provoking and worthwhile example of how phenomenology Kierkegaard the lone Protestant envisioned the limits of intersects with theological concerns.

Remaining theologians are similarly juxtaposed in Ohio Northern University response to one another. By Anette Ejsing. Princeton uniting beauty to the ultimate, silent threshold, where more Theological Monograph Series, Ejsing draws from C. By James M. In the new preface Ejsing interacts substantially that have emerged in the past written for this edition, Gustafson attributes his interest in generation but have languished of late.

By Bruno Forte. Translated by lications. Eerdmans Publishing Company, Capetz tional conservative Baptist beliefs and convictions. The Harriet A. Oxford: Oxford University Press, She critically examines philosophical trends, explored in other volumes in this series. The foot- and theology. The philosophical and hermeneutical trends notes will help researchers unfamiliar with tensions in analyzed include German critical philosophies, empirical Baptist history and thought.

On Being the Church comple- rationalism, Scottish common sense philosophy, critical ments other notable studies in Baptist theology that have realism, Gadamerian hermeneutics, and phenomenological appeared over the last twenty or so years. It may be read as hermeneutics. By Elaine A. Eugene, OR: Pick- scholarly inquiries, with the result that their approach wick Publications, Heath explains neutics. Foreword by Paul S. This book restates the noster Press, In each case, ecumenical the- paradox is stunning, for in disavowing mysticism, Palmer ology is sensitive to its own need for conversion and thus embraces classical Christian mysticism.

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Miller more than it speaks. Paternoster Theological under the sovereignty of the Word of God in the power of the Monographs. Colorado Springs, CO: Paternoster, His understanding of Christians than is currently enjoyed. By Vivaldi Jean-Marie. He defends the the grateful response to the prior proclaimed Word of God.

This work is a welcome study into how the sources critically rather than uncritically and that the two church understands ministry theologically. Engage- on theology. It is a rich and challenging resource for those ment with secondary literature is minimal. The book will be studying at the graduate level. Samuel matical and typographical errors detract from its clarity. By George Hunsinger. Keith G. Jones and Ian M.

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Milton Keynes, UK: Paternoster, The authors have preaching. Edited by M. Lamberights, L. Boeve, T. Leuven: Leuven utilization of any theoretical framework as a tool of analysis University Press, The Baptist movement at its best has historical, systematic, and theological perspectives. Seven essays stand out as propos- often demand ultimate allegiance.

The Practice of Mission in the Twenty-first Century

Christianity Encountering World Religions: The Practice of Mission in the Twentyfirst Century (Encountering Mission) [Terry Muck] on *FREE *. Editorial Reviews. From the Back Cover. A Relational Model for Interacting with People of Other Christianity Encountering World Religions (Encountering Mission): The Practice of Mission in the Twenty-first Century - Kindle edition by Terry C.

Princeton Theological Monograph recontextualization and Dominican retrocontextualization Series, A worthy publication on ontotheology! Edited by D. Brent Laytham. Ultimately, Claude Bruaire , a lifelong Roman Catholic, Laytham seeks to demonstrate to his readers how to apply studied philosophy at the Sorbonne and then taught at the theological language correctly when endeavoring to perceive University of Tours and the Sorbonne. In this regard, Laytham uti- this same period. Although little known in the Anglo- lizes the logical argument of modernity to present a post- speaking world as none of his major works have been trans- modern theological hypothesis.

Miller ological idea, the gist of which involves a Christian i. Edited by Michael G. Most of the authors accept David sions in the philosophy and theology of the gift. Edited by Suzanne Tilton. Translated by good news, refuse to accept the politics of the new religious John Nicholas Lenker et al. Preface by Evelyn Bence. A table of contents includes nomic justice, and rejection of homosexuality. Still, among the church year location for each sermon, a title summary, the highlights are helpful essays that compare and contrast and citation of the biblical passage.

This outline makes up the life and witness of Billy Graham with Reinhold Niebuhr nearly the entire editorial apparatus of the volume. Carlson into criteria by which these sermons were chosen. The most Bethel University glaring omission, however, is that of context. Neither this volume nor the previous mission. Encyclopedia of Contemporary Chinese Culture. Reference Books Religions of the world : a comprehensive encyclopedia of beliefs and practices. Encyclopedia of religious rites, rituals, and festivals. Encyclopedia of New Religious Movements. Wiley Online Library Wiley Online Library formerly Blackwell Reference Online is a vast online library giving instant access to the most authoritative and up-to-date scholarship across the humanities and social sciences.

Gale Virtual Reference Library. It is easy to search and contains entries on a wide array of topics from business, computing and environmental science to art, biology, literature, religion, and political science. The Encyclopedia of religion.

"Giftive Mission" and Interfaith Dialogue - Evangelical Interfaith Resource Center

Companion encyclopedia of Asian philosophy. Books -- Circulating Search using keywords "world religions" or by individual religions, e. World Religions. World religions today. World religions : eastern traditions. Encyclopedia of religion. Christianity encountering world religions : the practice of mission in the twenty-first century. Subject Guide. Curt LeMay. Email Me. McClymond ; foreword by Hans Kung. ISBN: