Comparative Elite Sport Development: systems, structures and public policy

Comparative elite sport development : systems, structures and public policy
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Chapter 8 Norway. Chapter 9 New Zealand. Chapter 10 United States. Chapter 11 Conclusion.

Presses de l’Université d’Ottawa | University of Ottawa Press

Chapter 1 Comparative elite sport development. London: Sage Publications. Dacosta, L. Worldwide experiences and trends in sport for all.

De Bosscher, V. Sports policy factors leading to international sporting success.

Comparative Elite Sport Development: Systems, Structures and Public Policy

The global Sporting Arms Race. An international comparative study on sports policy factors leading to international sporting success. Comparing relative sporting success among countries: Create equal opportunities in sport. Journal of Comparative Physical Education and Sport, 3 3 , — A conceptual framework for analysing sports policy factors leading to international sporting success.

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Routledge handbook of sports development / edited by Barrie Houlihan and Mick Green

Hochleistungssport in Australien [high level sport in Australia]. Hochleistungssport in China [high level sport in China]. Douyin, X. A comparative study on the competitive sports training systems in different countries. Journal of Comparative Physical Education and Sport, 2 3 , 3— Duffy, P.

Elphinston, B. Win to win models in Sport. The Australian experience — Paper presented at the IOC-technical seminar. Warschau, Poland. Esping-Andersen, G.

  1. COMPARATIVE ELITE SPORT DEVELOPMENT‚ Systems‚ Structures and Public Policy.
  2. Comparative Sport Development!
  3. Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Bestiary.
  4. The East German Model in Comparative Context.

The three worlds of welfare capitalism. Cambridge, UK: Polity Press. Garelli, S. Competitiveness of nations: The fundamentals. Gibbons, T. Report phase II. Gliner, J. Research methods in applied settings: an integrated approach to design and analysis. Green, M. Elite sport development. Policy learning and political priorities.


London and New York: Routledge. Greenleaf, C. Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, 13, — Henry, I. A typology of approaches to comparative analysis of sports policy. Journal of Sport Management, 19, — Hong, F. Hoogerwerf, A. Beleid berust op veronderstellingen: De beleidstheorie [policy is based on assumptions: The policy theory]. Simonis Eds. Meppel, the Netherlands: Boompers Drukkerijen bv. Houlihan, B. Sport, policy and politics. A comparative analysis.

Comparative elite sport development. Systems structures and public policy. Johnson, K. Kiviaho, P. Olympic success: A sum of non-material and material factors.

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Figure 6. Houlihan and Green have taken the cross-cultural study of high performance sport development systems to a new level. Course assessment Learning outcomes. Bruce Stiftel. Bloggat om Comparative Elite Sport Development.

International Review of Sport sociology, 2, 5— To Moscow and back: International status of comparative research in regard to physical activity outside of schools. West Germany: Malente-Kiel. Larose, K. Factors associated with national Olympic success: an exploratory study. Unpublished masters thesis. Universiteit Brunswick, Canada. Morton, R. Who won the Sydney Olympics? An allometric approach. The Statistician, 51, — Nys, K. Prestatiebepalende factoren in topsport [Factors determining international success in elite sports].

Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium. Oakley, B. The production of Olympic champions: International perspectives on elite sport development system. European Journal for Sport Management, 8, 83— Papadimitriou, D. Organisational effectiveness of Hellenic national sports organisations: A multiple constituency approach. Sport Management Review, 3, 23— Padhazur, J. Measurement, design, and analysis.

An integrated approach. Porter, M. The competitive advantage of nations. Riordan, J. Soviet sport and perestroika. Journal of Comparative Physical Education and Sport, 6, 7— Rosselet, S. Methodology and principles of analysis. Scheuch, E. Theoretical implications of comparative survey research: Why the wheel of cross-cultural methodology keeps on being reinvented.

Journal of International Sociology, 4, — Semotiuk, D. East Bloc Athletics in the Glasnost Era. Journal of Comparative Physical Education and Sport, 9 1 , 26— European sporting success.

  1. Spatial Theories of Education: Policy and Geography Matters (Routledge Research in Education);
  2. Comparative Elite Sport Development : Barrie Houlihan : .
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Final report. Sparvero, E. United States. Stamm, H. Der Schweizer Spitzensport im internationalen Vergleich. Eine empirische Analyse der Olympischen Spiele, — GSF-schriften sportwissenschaften [an international comparison of Swiss high level sport: an empirical analysis of the Olympic Games, —]. Suen, W. Men, money and medals: an econometric analysis of the Olympic Games. Discussion Paper from the University of Hong Kong.

Tashakkori, A. Unierzyski, P. Why some good juniors succeeded and some other did not. Retrospective analysis of players born in — In Tennis Europe Ed. Vale do Lobo, Portugal: Tennis Europe. Het topsportklimaat in Nederland [The elite sports climate in the Netherlands]. Wylleman, P. Paper presented at the 28th congress of the international association of applied psychology. San Francisco, United States, August. Related Papers. Elite sport culture and policy interrelationships: the case of Sprint Canoe in Australia. By Popi Sotiriadou.

Developing a method for comparing the elite sport systems and policies of nations: a mixed research methods approach. By Jasper Truyens. DeBosscher et al. Exploring new models of elite sport delivery: the case of triathlon in the USA and Australia. By Pamm Phillips nee Kellett. Download pdf. Remember me on this computer.

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