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These stories are called parables. One of those parables is the story of the lost son, also known as the prodigal son. The Lost Son and Me is a Bible story written for children with life application questions that will help children of all ages see that this story that Jesus told so many years ago is In You Are Worthy, uncover how one woman found healing from the chaos of her past and how God took the experiences in her life and turned them into a message of hope, love, and worthiness.

The story you are about to read is true; yes, there are "stretchers" strewn about, but the basic story is all too real. This story is told through the eyes of Lorraine's little brother, Poncho, and what he was going through at the time. Every morning when I wake up, my sister, Lorraine, invades my mind. There's nothing I can do to stop it. It wasn't always that way. At one time Why would Jesus be driving an ore haulage truck? Why would a little boy be peeking out from under the covers in what appears to be shock and surprise? It is not the image that normally pops up in the minds of most folks, and it certainly was not what this author expected.

This is a picture of what went through my mind when I lay in my bed one night at the impressionable age of eleven. I believe I Remember those two old guys in the Muppets? They were awesome, if you weren't the one on stage. Their heckles haunted the lives of those lifeless puppets.

And in your life, it may be the same for you. We all have voices in our heads; not the crazy voices, but the ones that subtly suggest that we are not good enough. The entire Bible is a cohesive, comprehensive canon of sanctification, culminating in the gospel of Jesus Christ and him crucified. What we commonly call the "high priestly" prayer of Jesus Christ is his prayer for all w Some Christians experience a degree of internal conflict when it comes to seeking help for medical issues. On one hand, they believe in God for their healing.

On the other, they acknowledge that they are dealing with symptoms and conditions that could be treated by medical professionals. The challenge then becomes reconciling their faith with their efforts to be well and healthy. In problems in a relationship with the mother of his three children, Ken, who was attending Denver college for a social work degree, ended up on the streets again. He returned back to a position in the government by the favor of God.

Next, God blessed him with an apartment in Aurora, Colorado. Talk about God's timing, within a month, his children were sent to him by their mother, who These are just some of the questions people ask in life, but don't always get a straight answer. Or worse yet, you get conflicting answers. The Heavenly Treason is a book that explains about how the author, in his years of adolescence, gave his free will back to God, and through his faith and with the acceptance from the Divine, he has been touched by these forces that are surrounding us, and these have begun to influence his life.

Through God's true words written in the Bible over two thousand plus years, we can find reassuran Helen and Nicky is a story about a very special little girl and a deaf and partially blind Great Dane. The book is intended to engage, delight, and introduce many true-to-life topics to the young reader.

It challenges the reader with a wide variety of vocabulary words and issues. The writing is simple enough to engage and yet is informative and heartfelt. The stories are simple and complex The true story of how women of strength and courage can be survivors of attempted murder and suicide. Dealing with death and rough roads to climb for survival, the author perseveres despite the struggle and stumbling blocks designed to deter her motivation to keep on climbing over the last two years even at the lowest possible level.

This book is a semibiographical novel of the Pizzutos, a unique and funny couple from Mamaroneck, New York. It recalls their lives and how close they always were in physical proximity from each other, until destiny united them in What is a town, and how does a town get started? These are some of the questions asked by Simon and Sophia.

We visited the two most important services a town can offer which is police protection and fire safety. Grief is the emotion experienced by discovery; death of a person; and loss of a place, thing, time, art, and music. The discovery pertains to extramarital affair; cheating in a relationship; and addictions to drugs, alcohol, gambling, pornography, wrong doing, etc. The loss of a person pertains to the relationship, i. The purpose of this book is to bring out "your power" that you already have within.

Journal to Your Power is a positive book that you are going to write in daily, journaling your answers to each chapter. This book will encourage you to help you feel good about yourself and great about helping others. It will give you inner power and help you find out the power locked inside of your heart, deep wit Have you ever looked at your precious but squirrely child in awe?

Have you ever stood in awe of their innocence, in awe of their wonder, or in awe of their curiosity of seeing the world for the first time? Or have you ever just stood there and stared at their little face, just mesmerized by their beauty and adorableness, vowing to protect them from the world, including their future self? Have you I had finally arrived at the place in my life that I had worked so hard to get to. Death looked much better than life. As I got ready to check out, I was shown a different way of living and life didn't seem so bad anymore and day after day, it just kept getting better.

Get on the back of my bike and I will show you a great road to follow, which gets better the farther you go Heaven's Postcards is a true story of a family's devastating loss of a child and the amazing events that followed. Through a series of astonishing signs and miracles, God assured this family their son, Zach, was in heaven walking beside the Lord.

This heartfelt story will influence the way you view your daily life and inspire you to embrace the comforting promise of life after death. A Sailor's Yarn is a warm adventure set on the Great Lakes in the early twentieth century. There are great storms, love stories, and pirates. It is all wrapped in the study of a man coming to faith. You will meet the sultan, a larger-than-life character. There is a one-armed sailor, a cat named Habebe, a five-star chef, and their loves.

Robert Loomis is the captain that leads his crew from one exc Thumper's dream was to become a professional athlete, but his whole life changed when he was diagnosed with cancer which resulted in the loss of his leg. Thumper felt his lifelong dream would never become a reality, and he lived in fear while battling the cancer.

He had a hard time fitting in and was ashamed about the way he looked. Thumper was lacking confiden To take as true, real faith, this book is to help people see that no matter how poor or disadvantaged you may. This book is to encourage and to let you know that God will bless you. He will heal that. Your life will be changed only by repentance and giving your life totally to God. I wrote this. This is a true story about the author's grandchildren. They had had a tough start to the school year. Sparkles had found school to be fun, and she learns fast.

Quinkleton, on the other hand, has to really concentrate and work hard to do his schoolwork. It doesn't always come easy. He needs room to breathe and quiet so he can concentrate. This day was a special day because their mom had been promis This book is named The Simplified Truth because that's what it is according to the Spirit of truth. God told me to peck it. This whole book was written with two fingers. This book is not my opinion; this book is the finger of God working through my fingers Compton Oliver is a businessman who knows all about failures and ultimate success too.

He has transformed and defied all the negative stereo-typed victimism that defied much of the black community. Of course, the odds were against him. However, he has become a successful real estate investor and entrepreneur. Ginny's stepdaughter, Chelsey, asked her to write and explain to her daughter Bella what angels were all about.

Ginny was guided by her angels, her hidden spirits as she calls them. Those angels were instrumental for her in the writing of this book Benny and Dude are best friends who live in a majestic forest ruled by. Jeff Sangster uses an entertaining and informative blend of personal experience and investigative reporting to shine new light on abortion, touching on the superficial, scientific, medical and legal aspects of the issue. This adventure takes place in the spring in Arizona where Hum, a beautiful, friendly, curious hummingbird, asks the animals to help him find his best friend, the desert tortoise.

It is entertaining as well as educational, using life science inquiry to investigate habitats, adaptations, and dependency on each other and their environment. Touching Fireflies is a poetry collection, an expression of the writer's testimony of God's relentless love, a vibrant and transcended journey of praise, thanksgiving, empowerment, and inspiration. The book explores love and intimacy contrasted with the harrowing corners of loss, heartache, and hurting.

The writer then honors her memory of the rhythm, culture, color, and seducing beauty of her hom Healing: The Children's Bread is a book that expresses the importance of taking God at his word without doubting anything he has promised. His word cannot return to him void. If a person will believe that God will heal them and line up with his word, it's impossible for them to stay sick. I was inspired to write this book because so many Christians are living beneath their privileges. God wants us Imagine being awakened to the person of Jesus in your adult years but having very little experience with the Bible.

For one who desires to learn of the richness of the Bible, beginning the task of embracing the immensity of this Holy Book can feel overwhelming. Yet when the lessons of the Bible are broken down into individual encounters with God, the task of understanding God's message to humankin A jarring, alluring and magnanimous compilation of think pieces that penetrate the mind and reverberate deeply throughout the soul.

From Perception 's outset, Griffin unapologetically confronts uncomfortable constructs like race, racism, social stratification, religion, and sexuality and challenges the reader to use metacognition as a tool for self-evaluation, reconciliation, and holistic growth. Connor Race: The Tontine Plot follows the perilous exploits of American Security Agency ASA covert operative, Connor Race, and a cast of characters as they encounter deadly adversaries bent on the destruction of Shade Cassedy, the alluring, spoiled, twenty-four-year-old who has no clue of her planned demise.

As Race moves across the shadowy landscapes of intrigue, betrayal, potential romance and The authors collaborated on the book entitled I Can See for the special reason to pass onto their children and grandchildren that no matter what happens in life, they can always turn to God for comfort and guidance. He will always be there for them no matter what situation develops in their lives. Their hope is that this can be seen through this book. The pathway to Heaven and all we must do to It's Okay to Laugh with Jesus is about a God who loves to laugh because he's proud of his perfect world and loves the people he put in it.

He laughs at the folly of humankind that rejects him and rewards faithfulness rather than success. He laughs at a mother as she cuddles her newborn, a baby's giggle, a father tucking a blanket under his son's chin and praying him to sleep. God laughs at the fol The author was motivated to write this book when she was driving on the interstate to her place of work. There was a torrent of rain, the sky was dark gray, and visibility was poor. Traffic was almost to a halt. It is not uncommon for thirteen-year-old girls to have regular babysitting jobs for neighbors.

It is not uncommon that these business relationships become more like family connections. When Jared and Lisa Thompson's thirteen-year-old babysitter, Nichole, concludes that Jared may be in trouble, this very smart little girl sets out to help Uncle Jared any way she can. Everyone has dreams! Sometimes these dreams seem too good to be true. Sometimes these dreams do come true, at least for a while. This is what happened to me. Everything seemed to fall into place and I was literally on cloud nine.

I already had a rough life up to this point and I was convinced that this event was going to erase all the bad memories from the past. I was convinced that this relations The Pain, the Journey, the Healing. I think there is a difference between surviving and enduring. Surviving is like a victory at the end of suffering. Surviving is victory as an aftermath. Raised by a wealthy European couple in Bayville, New York, Zane struggled in his toddler and teen years with the nihilist philosophy on the meaningless of life because death was the ultimate result.

With these thoughts gradually building a suicidal mind-set, Zane searched high and low for answers and sought the importance of life if there was one. My book, Awesome God, tells of the many miracles in my life. I was born on an old farm in Vivian, Louisiana. We were very poor and had no running water, gas, or electricity.

Majestic and Wild

We lived in an old three-room house with a fireplace in the living room as our only source of heat for the house. God healed me instantly of polio when I was five years old and in , there was NO treatment or vaccines at th Adore Him is an easy path to health and wellness. It is a simple outline to creating a healthy lifestyle for you and your family. Each letter in Adore Him has a significant meaning. This is outlined below:. Scenario Queen is a book filled with circumstances, encounters, and choices that June had to make.

These stories may be similar to encounters on your life's journey as well. As you read this book, whether you're a believer in Jesus Christ or not, the author's hope is that you find encouragement that light shines on a past memory or a current circumstance in ways you've not thought of before This original Mediterranean book is a sensational experience I gained from traveling and testing the delicious food and appetizers.

Through its pages, you will come to appreciate why the Mediterranean cuisine flavors are good for healthier you. Here, you will find recipes that are deeply rooted in ancient spices routes of the Mediterranean cooking. Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. John You will find this verse scattered throughout this devotional. There is nothing you or I can do to get to heaven except to accept Jesus into our hearts and thank Him for the perfect sacrifice He made for us on the cross. Both men and women should read this book.

Men in order to know what role he is to play and women as well so that she will know how to help the man to play his part well. This book should be read as a guide. I would like to suggest that this be approached as a step by step manual. As each truth penetrates your spirit, I suggest that you might "Selah" pause and calmly think about that , make a pers Few texts in the Bible can cause Christ's followers curiosity and sometimes confusion as the book of Revelation. The book begins with messages to the seven churches.

Were these messages just intended for those early churches, or was there a deeper meaning that each of us should consider as applicable to our own spiritual walk? Jesus spoke these words to his followers:. This is more than 10 million victims of domestic violence a year. Offering a hard look inside the life of a victim of domestic violence, Dawn shares her pain, heartache, and f Celebrating the Christmas holidays takes on new meaning when we celebrate the love of God, our Father who "so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have ever lasting life" John , NKJV I quickly had decided to give what was left of me, of my soul, to God hoping to find absolution in his eyes, hoping and praying.

So I forged a plan, a wonderful, delightfully devilish, life-altering plan. I would show them all. Discover the healing power of fresh juices and smoothies with recipes proven to help prevent and even treat diseases based on the latest research. The former "juicing expert" for About. Are you needing a reminder about the goodness of God? Have you been overwhelmed with the daily stresses of an unbelievable schedule, relationship issues, fear of the unknown, constant depression, or a lack of confidence?

Happy Thursday contains brief summaries about a joyful, confident, expectation of good, which is hope in Christ Jesus. The devotionals contain the humorous and serious events of a She is sent to a quaint dress shop for children where she is immediately declared the prettiest dress in the shop. She is, of course, delighted to hear how fabulous she is. However, all the praise also goes to her head. Once she is purchased, she finds herself in a small closet with three Our Bible teaches us that God doesn't give us more than we can handle. Be strong, have faith, carry on.

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But what if our daily challenges reach a breaking point? How do we handle our grief then, witnessing dreams shatter like exploding glass? Suffering heartache so profound one cannot take another step? We ask God why? Why is He giving us so many tests? And when we finally muster the courage to mov My dog Chloe met a new friend named Squirrel. They became great friends, and you know sometimes friends get mad with each other. Squirrel got mad at Chloe because of something Chloe said to Squirrel, but Chloe didn't realize what she said to Squirrel was hurtful. Squirrel ran away. Chloe called Squirrel but he didn't answer.

Question: Will Squirrel and Chloe talk to each other again? Is this a mi The Heart of Hannah is a funny story about faith, family, and persistence. Hannah is a very determined squirrel who becomes the backyard rock star as she tries to find the secret to the squirrel-proof bird feeder. The story is based on a reader favorite from The Heart of a Warrior blog series.

The original blog is included as an added bonus! Ant and his friends are faced with fear, temptation, bullying, and anxiety. Each day brings new challenges and situations that need the wisdom and guidance of the Lord. God desires us to be victorious over the devices of the enemy through the power of His Word. The lies and traps of the enemy are real even in the lives of children.

Ant's family is faced with these issues, the La verdad es la existencia de Dios. Who Made Me? This modern story is written in simple everyday English about a snowman who finds out about God and learns that he has a relationship with Him, as we all do. The writer, Janet E. O'Connell, originally wrote this story with children in mind but soon realized that it is a Two hundred years from now, the earth is past the point of recovery from exploitation by humankind.

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Pollution of all kinds, human-induced climate change and overpopulation, have all contributed to the generally held belief that the human species will be nearing the end of days on earth. An international collaboration of scientists convinces governments that investing in the creation and constructi This book will inspire readers to look at life as God intended, shedding a proper light on life's journey.

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Through written testaments, answers to life's mysteries will become clear as the reader begins to make sense of it all. The Bible has always been the bestseller, and this book should boost its sales Robert Hoffman has served as a stewardship consultant for forty years. He has worked with congregations that assume that stewardship ministry is primarily concerned with raising funds for the church.

At some point during their work together, he would try to explain to the church leaders he was working with that stewardship is concerned about our relationship with Who is Dahlia? A pretty, young woman whose expression and behavior seems to be a compendium of science presented as a human being. Sometimes, we complain that he never speaks, or that we never hear him in desperate times, but one thing we need to ask ourselves is, are we listening?

Are we recognizing who is speaking to us? Can we hear our Father's voice clearly? The story introduces courageous women who believed that, because the first contacts of the Messiah were with women, Jesus liberated women from brutal submissiveness in the first century. Yet, this viewpoint could still be applicable for religious women in our twenty-first century.

This theory could be also acceptable to women involved in Christian communities and churches who believe they Everyone has a past, things they're not proud of. We all have commas after our name. Sally, the slut. Bobby, the thief. Kathryn, the woman with the TBI. Katie, the girl with psychosis. Kat, the angel from hell or Sally, the sex offender. Wan, the murderer. Eric, the rapist.

Whatever it is that comes after your name, it's just a prison. A lie telling you that you're not enough. Blocking your miracl This book is filled with practical procedures and Juanita's story of how she beat Diabetes and how her life has been transformed. Hopefully you will read her exciting story and find these procedures helpful. People are just as healthy as they make up their minds to be.

Fortunately, you can prevent Diabetes by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

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The sooner you act, the better your health End-time teaching is a subject that interests all Christians. The location of Christians during tribulation times as described in Bible prophecy is of upmost importance. The purpose of this book is to encourage the people of God to strengthen their faith and put on the whole armor of God to spiritually stand in hard times. Knowledge is a powerful tool to guide the believers' walk. Allowing the Wor Everything was going well for Ben.

His finances collapsed to the point of bankruptcy, and he strongly considered quit Many marriages are suffering shipwreck and dissolution because of human inclination to natural desires. The absence of personal knowledge and understanding of marriage fundamentals has created casualties in the marriage institution. Many have experienced violent storms in their marriages resulting in emotional pain, broken hearts and fa Three girls and their family from a war-torn area of the Middle East arrive in Gretna, Louisiana. The two older girls are fraternal twins. Once enrolled in an American school, it is apparent that they all have educational and developmental concerns.

The three girls are taken in by a teacher who has volunteered to include them in her class. The students become caretakers for the girls. The sisters In Mark 9, a father whose son was tormented by a demon came to Jesus for healing. The words of the father sounds familiarly inconsistent, "I believe; help my unbelief.

He wanted more than anything for his son to be healed. Only this itinerant teacher could heal him from the threat of injury and possibly death. When he went to the disciples Just like King David. Dear readers, if you're reading this, then my message has reached you. The era from which my story occurs is far or near yours. Christianity has successfully influenced over much of my world. However, our utopia is under siege by an atheist guerrilla group called the Open Eyes. God has an individually-drafted plan, which is specifically detailed for each one of us.

Many of us tend to have our own plans for our lives already mapped out before we begin to pursue them. God has a plan set forth for eac Combating PTSD not only affects the veteran as anxiety, depression, memory loss, and nightmares. There are problems with intimacy. It is very difficult for your spouse or significant other not to become very stressed at constantly being awakened by screams and, sometimes, physical abuse. Same as alcoholism, untreated PTSD will create dysfunctional generations.

This book originated from the many interactions with the persons who have graced our breakfast table over the years. Enjoy the read Over the course of human existence, various cultures, traditions, and languages arose from the building of the Tower of Babel as described in the book of Genesis chapter The diversity of cultures and traditions in the world today have made people serve God through the eyes of man and not the way God want to be truly honored.

The front cover design, of a vine bearing grapes, depicts the success of an intervention. When you compare the same vi The author describes, in her aunt's words the turbulent and often traumatic past of a woman who struggled to overcome her past and traditions; and establish her own identity as a scholarly, bilingual achiever. Sariah grew up in the early s on the Navajo Reservation. As an uneducated, non-English-speaking young girl, her life was largely influenced and dominated by the ancient teachings and pra What is more important, winning or always doing your best?

And does it matter? Three bunnies - Sue, Mike, and Tim - learn that it does matter. It is county fair time, which means it is carrot pie contest time. Only the very best pie will win. Sue, Mike, and Tim are longing to win. So together they search for the perfect carrots and work very hard to prepare their very best pie to enter in The first century church understood this to be a reality, but some church fathers considered this rendering mistranslated and even heresy.

Although today many Christians do not believe this concept, the very core of Christianity epitomizes pregnancy from the mixture of flesh and Daniel was living an unfulfilled life. He thought that by being a police officer, he would be. Where was the kindness and the. Theophanie, by way of the scriptures quoted in The One-Flesh Covenant, brings to light, through the power of the Holy Spirit, truths that have been rejected by the body of Christ for generations, truths that are foundational and crucial to every life and marriage, and truths that are able to change the behavior of this generation and generations to come.

She exposes the false doctrines that You can't help but have the feeling that there will come a future generation of men, if there are any future generations of men, who will look at old pictures of helicopters and say, "You've got to be kidding. Helicopters have that look that certain machines have in historical drawings. Machines or devices that came just before a major breakthrough. Record-changers just before the lightwei This book is about the thoughts and memories of my life of fifty some years in this same home, where I raised my children.

I have tried to paint a picture of how I see nature all around me, and how nature is an extension of God's work. His building of the earth and the inhabitants therein. I have gained inspiration From this, and through the years have gained insight into man, and the map created Marriage was designed by God.

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It was meant to be something good, exciting, and joyful. It was designed to be so fulfilling that only death would be able to separate the union. The automobile, computer, architectonical, aviation industries etc. The intent is to give the consumer an idea of what they are getting in the way of performance, quality, safety, Oh no!

Frankie is tired of his sister messing up all of his things. But does Frankie really want Angie to be gone forever? Will he choose to forgive his little sister, or does Frankie have Dare to Choose is a book written about my life experiences and the lessons I've learned from both opportunity and adversity. It is specifically designed for women to learn positive and effective tools to overcome any challenge or trauma through a faith-based perspective. You will learn specific skills to achieve happiness, fulfillment, and joy as well as personal and spiritual growth that will emp Here are basically three reasons for writing this book:.

One Sunday a mentor approached me and handed me a journal saying, "Here, you will need this to ke My name is Jesse, and I'm in the twilight zone between being a kid and maturing into a young lady. Maturing can be hard on a person, and I'd just as soon not grow up. I'd rather have the world conform to me, rather than the other way around. I would've been lost without my Gramma. I spent summer vacations with her, but this past summer, when I was fourteen, was a doozy. When life got m Coming from an unhappy home in Bethlehem, the little shepherd boy was happiest when he was out with the sheep at night.

An amazing midnight experience led him to go with the other shepherds to find a baby in a manger, a wonderful sight he would never forget. Moving to Galilee as a man in search of joy, he comes in contact with a young teacher named Jesus. When he finally gets up enough cou This unique book captures God's plan for the Feasts of Israel; with their Biblical history, rich traditions and triumphant fulfillment in Christ.

It will open your eyes to see how relevant these Feasts are to your everyday Christian life and will serve as a powerful tool to pass your faith in Jesus Christ to the next generation. Interwoven throughout this book you find testimonies, songs, christia It didn't matter whether they were under my bed, on the playground, at church, or even in my own head.

I was all alone facing these monsters. I got so tired of the bullies, the heartbreak and hurt feelings. I got so tired of fighting the monsters. I hoped someone would help me, but no one ever did. Santa Claus never helped me. Hercules, Sup Worship Touching the Heart of God is a book for the body of Christ to know the difference between praising God and worshiping God. It will take you through the steps of praise into the transitioning to worship! It will enlighten your heart to express who God is to you personally.

Worship Touching the Heart of God will truly be a blessing to praise and worshippers. It will provoke you, the reader, My inspiration for writing All God's Children came to me in the darkest of times for my husband of forty plus years and myself after suffering four strokes and seeing his will to live and come home with me.

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The love that God has shown us in these dark times by blessing us with two beautiful great-granddaughters and the light in their eyes and laughter in their little hearts was the silver lining b Do you have a silent struggle that wages deep within your soul? Are there questions, shame, and sadness that resound within at the end of every day? The emptiness and loneliness from not being understood. And then there's the question of "Why do I survive? After twenty-two years, Emerson finds himself in a much similar position as his parents did when he was a kid.

Inside a spaceship! However, Em This is the biography and journey of a father leading his family out of the world's relative darkness, confusion, and misunderstanding caused by false teaching and into the realm of absolute daylight, certainty, hopefulness, and understanding by way of the undeniable truth. You will be guided through this father's life from early childhood, through adolescence, adulthood, and old age.

You w What happens when your best friend grows up and moves on without you? The youngest of seven children, Erma was raised by elderly parents. Approval and affection were scarce. Learning that achievement meant approval and being right meant acceptance, she pushed herself to perform. She graduated as valedictorian of her high school class.

A few weeks later Erma married Harold, the Korean War veteran and charming bad-boy. She believed that if only she could be good enoug We all need to sit back and relax each day with the word of God. The word tells us as believers to hide the word in our hearts because it is food to our Spirit man, and the word is a light to our path and a lamp to our feet. There are so many situations and issues in life that we can't risk being without the word of God, having it in our hands, reading it; having it in our hearts, p Do you believe that God still speak to his people?

Psalms , Psalms Think about being the only person in your church who has a burning desire to help those who are less fortunate with food and clothing, but no one knows what to do with you, and no one is tuned into your ideas. Yet, you don't give up until you find out that there are no books to read or people who know anything about the subject of opening a food pantry. Then you decide that it is time to go outsid Life seemed pretty well laid out for her.

She would remain in that small town she grew up in as all her relatives and friends did and never really be able to escape the cycle of poverty and hardship. Then when she was a teenager, a vision entered her mind which was to change her life forever. And that was the start of a journey that would take her halfway across the country, stopping in big If your child is ill, the most important thing is getting them all better.

This book features the warmth and comfort of a parent's affection as they work together to get their child back to their happy place of wellness. With unconditional love, compassion, high-quality care, comfort, laughter and playing, children can forget for a few minutes that they are not well. All Better encourages children Separation from God is a book dealing with God and Man. It evolves around the constant violating by man of gods.

Commandments, laws, and instructions. Man, through their actions and sin keep moving further and further away from God. The book starts out over six thousand years ago with the release of the Hebrews from the dictatorial rule of pharaoh and the Egyptians going all the way up to t El Cuento de un Burro es la historia de un joven burro y de la importante tarea que realiza. One of the first true freedoms you experience as a kid growing up is your first bike.

All the kids in my neighborhood had bikes, and we roamed like packs of unwashed hooligans with torn jeans and bloody knees. We stuffed playing cards in our spokes and chewed on black licorice sticks as we rode around lookin Rocky Tillman is becoming a young woman in the picturesque Midwestern town of Thomasville during the end of the millennium. Her once perfect family is proving to be faulty, and the beautiful town they call home is much less than traditional.

The deep secrets held by a few could jeopardize the entire town. This book is Volume 3 of three volumes and contains a different collection of Bible topics than each of the other two volumes. These topics, like the previous topics in the other two volumes, will also allow the reader to easily identify and with little or no effort on their part to commit to memory exactly what God expects of them from within HIS written Word.

Although this will not neces School had just let out, and the whole gang was looking forward to a summer of fun, adventure, and mischief. If Linda played her cards right, she could tag along with her older brother, John, and get in on the action of playing baseball in the old abandoned field down the street or playing kick the can when it got dark.

After all, the more the merrier. Someone else was thinking of getting in on th Elephant Crumbs Journal is a God-inspired love book! God talked, I listened, and then I wrote however He used my spirit, my heart, and mind, experiences, and voice, to get His points across. For example, Father wants us to love each other the same way He loves us. He considers us family regardless of the country we were birthed in, the color of our skin, education, or our financial status. He want From an Armed Robber to a Pastor, the book seeks to highlight the eventualities of a living and personal life-changing testimony of Reverend Gilbert Mutale Mwamba, who became a very dangerous and notorious criminal at the tender age of sixteen while attending his junior secondary school.

The book tells a true story of the power of God to transform the life of a hard-core criminal into a God-fearin Taken aback by Nathanael's enthusiastic outburst, Captain Breth was speechless for several seconds. In the midst of a world that seems, sometimes, to be spinning outof control, a world where we witness unspeakable acts of evil on our TV news, a world full of discord, hatred, and great pain, it is easy to get discouraged and feel hopeless.

It is a fair question to ask, "Is there hope in the midst of a world like ours? Gardenia Lane is a fictional novel that tells of the Lister family's day-to-day life when they move back to a small military town in eastern North Carolina. It is the fourth book in a series about the Lister family. Gardenia Lane continues the story where Gemmy's Dreams ends. The Lister family must make a life in a new neighborhood among unconventional neighbors. Most of them are poor. When the Vow Breaks: A Journey from Hurt to Healing will help singles, separated, dating, engaged, and married couples build better relationships that will enrich their lives.

This book is a complete seven-hour guide for building relationships. This book can also be used in churches as a Bible study tool or a small group setting. We all know that our breath is an essential part for sustaining our existence. But just because it is necessary does not mean that this is the purpose for our breath. The writer shares the meditations of her heart as her one true muse has revealed and inspired her to write. Will life up here really ever be the same?

Word travels fast, and the mountain folks are becoming uneasy. Once again, Gary and his dad are caught right in the middle of an enigma. Gary thought he had faced his biggest fears last summer, but he will have to face new challenges I have pretty much always considered myself a "glass half full" type of person. You have heard the phrase, "I am an optimist. I had no reason not to be. Every plan I had ever had for my life had fallen into place with relative ease.

I graduated high school and went straight to college for the major I knew fit me perfectly. I graduated with high Do you ever stop to think of what that line means in between the date of birth and date of death on a tombstone? How that little dash encompasses all the wonderful miracles, hardships, trials, and blessings a child would go through before he or she returns to the dust.

As a tireless advocate for the improvement of children's lives, Mary R. Shew consulted with elementary and kindergarten teachers in the development of Values from A to Z, a beautifully illustrated, colorful children's book that stresses values, good manners, and respect for others. Mary graduated magna cum laude, Gardner Webb University, with a bachelor's degree in business management, and I discovered that when God spoke to great men in the Bible, they were always seen to be in nature.

Adam and Eve was in the beautiful garden. God spoke to Moses in the burning bush. Abram's promised vision was looking at the stars. Even the beautiful earth foundation stands firm. What is it about nature? We should stay in harmony with the universe. This book is a cry out to all the young ladies who have had trials during their early lives that had not had any guidance on making mature decisions which affected their whole lives. It's never too late to find the right direction as long as you have breath in your body. Don't let your past dictate your future. God gives us all a purpose.

I believe that everyone's purpose is to bear His fr This book gives a clear understanding of the cross and all that happened to the Lord Jesus. Many misconceptions have risen about the true depth of the sufferings of Christ, but the Spirit of God, in his clear revelation through the use of the scriptures, opened our eyes to the cross, revealing all that truly happened to Jesus the Anointed One. It was during these different steps of revelations tha Isaiah is a Jewish spider boy. Who is bored with his life at home and heads out to the "Big City".

Who leads him down a road of destruction. He meets Jesus on that road and the Lord helps Isaiah turn his life around. This book is dedicated to and for the sole purpose of making people evaluate where they stand in their relationship with God: to make them understand that tomorrow is not promised to them; all we know is today. If by some chance they did not wake up in the morning, would they be with the Lord in paradise, or would they be in torment? This is serious business.

I want that everyone would be saved No one truly knows the price you have paid to smile like you do. Physical pain and emotional trauma are not your portion in this life even if they have visited you long and often. You can have victory over the depression and the anxieties of life situations but, there is a cost to strive for it, a price paid to reach so deep and hold on to it once you have it. Have you ever wondered what diabetes does or doesn't do? This book is designed to take you on a journey to introduce the basics of diabetes, share with you the author's real life diabetic experiences, and proclaim that the best way to live with a medical condition is to trust God with your medical health or the health of loved ones Gator Tators is the story of a young boy named Tommy and a baby alligator he named Molly who was abandoned shortly after birth.

Tommy discovers Molly on the end of his crawfish line and realizes that she is in need of food as well as other help. Tommy takes Molly home with him, and she quickly establishes herself as a cherished member of the family and the inseparable playmate of Alex, the family' Abas was born in the sixties. He never knew his name would be the source of his future obstacles. Throughout his childhood, Ethiopia was experiencing a political uprising, and the country was on the verge of war. Through the betrayal of a dear friend, the little boy had to run four hundred miles to the capital to escape his hostility.

There, Abas met many complications to completing the ed This book offers the reader a precise and rare opportunity to explore an extraordinary spiritual experience. It is an introduction into a heavenly event that began with the appearance of an Angel. Most importantly, this is a testament to why the Angel appeared to Rose Mary in the hospital on October 7, What is very distinctive about this book is the author endeavors to convey to the reader a From meeting on the basketball court as teenagers, to becoming the spiritual parents of thousands, Pastors Richard and Emma Butler have proven with their lives that nothing is impossible when you walk with God.

Even when things seemed to be falling apart, the Butlers never gave up; they continued to persevere through the many trials and tribulations that were thrown their way. Just as Job was test Kind Words is the youngest reader's book on teaching positive, healthy communication.

What Does it Take?

Geared for ages five and up, Kind Words explores the difference between words that are kind and helpful and words that are mean and hurtful. The repeated message that "kind words are the glue that help keep us together" supports healthy relationships and respect for each other at an early age.

The reader will exp Eva is a young girl who is learning about the love of Christ and who he is. As Eva learns about God and Scriptures, she can teach other children to relate to the teachings of the word and how they can use it to help them in their everyday lives. This book is about a child demonstrating her love for God through her worship but then is conflicted and questions if God is able to under It is Christmas Eve and Gabriel is eagerly awaiting the excitement morning will bring.

He falls. Chester is enjoying a fun time in the meadow when suddenly he discovers a school.

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It is there that. She is the new kid on the block. Chester realizes. Will he be successful? Bristol Bears rugby players came face to face with some real bears when they visited Wild Place Project. Our Barefoot Trail has been given a new look for summer thanks to sponsorship from Tockington Manor School and Nursery. The three cheetahs here at Wild Place Project are about to celebrate their ninth birthdays.

To mark Endangered Species Day today we look at some of the key species that Bristol Zoological Society is working to protect. A new fly-through video gives a sneak preview of what the new Bear Wood exhibit at Wild Place Project will look like. A series of life-size painted bear sculptures are set to appear around Wild Place Project this spring. A new colony of brightly coloured birds has arrived at Wild Place Project in time for the half-term break. Children of all ages have the chance to make some wild discoveries at Wild Place Project this half-term. Keepers at Wild Place Project are giving their reindeer extra attention in the coming days — in case Father Christmas needs them.

Pre-school children, armed with spades, have helped to plant the first of native trees that will form a new tree corridor at Wild Place Project. Keepers at Wild Place Project are celebrating the arrival of a cute new friend. Work has begun on creating an exciting new bear exhibit at Wild Place Project. Halloween is being given an exciting twist this year to make it spookier and more fun than ever before. One of the smallest antelopes in the world has been born at Wild Place Project.

Families from across the Bristol area have been invited to join a series of free wildlife workshops to connect them with nature. A well-known street artist is helping to spread the word about an exciting plan to return brown bears to an ancient woodland on the outskirts of Bristol. An air raid shelter from World War Two is being opened to the public at Wild Place Project for the first time in its history.

Wild Place Project has launched an exciting new animal experience with the Gelada Baboons! Wild Place Project is five this week Sunday July 22 and to celebrate its tallest residents tucked-in to a delicious birthday cake! Sir David Attenborough has given his support to a vital project for a new field station in Madagascar to help save critically endangered lemurs. A new study by leading conservationists has revealed the growing plight of lemurs in their native Madagascar where 95 per cent are at risk of extinction.

Adrenaline junkies have the chance to abseil off an iconic Bristol landmark to raise funds to introduce bears to ancient woods at Wild Place Project. This week is National Volunteers' Week, a time to celebrate and thank our excellent volunteers for their dedication supporting Wild Place Project. The cheetah triplets at Wild Place Project are also celebrating their eighth birthdays this week.

Wild Place Project will be transformed into a land of adventure this May half-term. A special poppy garden at Wild Place Project to commemorate the centenary of the end of the First World War is beginning to flourish. A tiny lemur at Wild Place Project whose life hung in the balance is now thriving. People who love propagating plants and tending seed beds have a rare chance to become horticultural volunteers at Wild Place Project. So how do you go about x-raying one of the tallest animals in the world?

Conservationists from Bristol Zoological Society fly out to Costa Rica today May 2 to spearhead vital research into a tiny endangered frog. Unique poppy garden to mark the centenary of the First World War ending. Conservationists from Bristol Zoological Society are using state-of-the-art technology to help safeguard the future of giraffe in Cameroon. Animal lovers are being given the chance of a lifetime to volunteer at Wild Place Project. Three conservationists from Bristol Zoological Society fly to Africa today Tues to carry out vital research into vulnerable giraffe.

It is International Zebra Day January 31 when people all over the world celebrate these amazing animals. Everyone loves exploring and making exciting discoveries — and Wild Place Project is offering boys and girls the opportunity to both next month.